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Wellness for Women

A fitness lifestyle

"Making time for yourself is hard but necessary. Living a healthy lifestyle can help you gain the motivation and have the energy to keep up with the ups and downs of everyday life. I want to help women achieve their goals.  Weight loss, toning, or just an overall healthier lifestyle. I'm here to guide you in doing what's best for your fitness and provide that extra push we all need sometimes to keep going. I look forward to joining you on your fitness journey!"

- Head Trainer Margarita "Margo" Stetz










About Margo

Margarita "Margo" graduated from The National Personal Training Institute, where she studied exercise science, nutrition, and programming with extensive hands-on

training experience. From a young age, she learned ballet in Saint Petersburg, Russia and fell in love with exercise. During her modeling years, she continued staying active by watching Jane Fonda exercise videos and pursuing yoga. She only wishes she knew back then about proper nutrition and strength training instead of unhealthy dieting. As a personal trainer, Margarita is intuitive. She knows just what to bring to her clients on any given day; a listening ear, an old-fashioned butt-kicking, a refined training strategy and everything in between. During her free time Margarita loves being in nature with her son, biking, playing tennis, reading, and connecting with her friends. Margarita is committed to helping Women achieve their personal Training and lifestyle goals. As a mother and a fitness coach she knows that life can be hectic and that having someone there for support and accountability is something everyone needs to be successful in their fitness journey.


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